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(mæt′ə-fĕst′)  verb

To make something real and true using a positive attitude followed by positive actions to attract positive results. (see also: manifest )

Throughout my life I have had the fortunate opportunity to pursue and thrive in my passion for the creative arts. Whether it is illustration, graphic design, writing, directing, photography or painting (my favorite); I feel the same rush of excitement through the entire process. All for the same purpose, to move people emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically or just to see the smile/tears of joy of recipients when I unveil my creations. With an ultra-positive intention, my artistic juices help fuel me to create artwork that will be passed on for generations to come. Immortality through art.


The painting collections I have created to this point have been a mix of people, places and things that have influenced/inspired me over the years. As well as, a plethora of random subjects that have been commissioned, which were true collaborations that would only exist with both me as the artist and my client’s choice of subject/intention. The sheer randomness of what the next creation will be has always been a major perk! Each and every painting I have created has been a learning experience on multiple levels and it is very empowering to continue to evolve as an artist and build on all experiences.


Moving forward, my artistic intention is to share my visions, positive energy and motivate others to follow their passions in life. I know it is a HUGE cliché, but “Life is Short!” I am making the most of every moment and am focused on “Mattifesting” my dreams in the form of beautiful art that will live on forever. 


To view my gallery in person or for any custom paintings or design you can imagine, please feel free to contact me at (847) 651-5439  Let me help you make your dreams become reality. On canvas.

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